About us



Continuous communication with the client and between us as a team


A day in which We didn't learn anything new is a wasted day

Care & Integrity

We develop software solutions for people and together with people.



if('it's time to describe us') console.log('We are MGOIT')


Patrick / Managing Partener

Background in tehnology start-ups and Software Developement. Patrick has the ability to find opportunities and understand the needs of clients transforming them into a technical solution with a differentiating factor in the market.


Bogdan / Senior Software Engineer

Bogdan is a person who translates very well the business needs into technological solutions.  The software architect for reducing costs and solving business problems


Silviu / Senior Software Engineer

Silviu is a person very attentive to details, fast in execution. The guru of  Full Stack Software Development with the latest technologies.

full stack software engineer

Ovidiu / Full Stack Software Engineer

The ability to verbally communicate thoughts, flexibility and dedication make him a valuable person for the team and for any project he works on.

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