Our latest work


1. GoPack

GoPack is the first digital ecosistem for small transportation business in Central& East Europe.

This start-up was awarded by Samsung and CEC BANK.

This start-up offers the best solutions for transporting parcels and people from East & Central Europe to West, digitize this industry and offer more serious security and access to the most serious carriers.

TechStack - Node, React, React-Native, PostgreSQL, Docker,AWS


2. Marketing Scraping

 This product is internal and is able to decide if predefined words can be found in the list of websites. A series of charts and statistics are presented to the end user. The solution is integrated  marketing companies that analyze data for companies in the global fashion world such as Puma and Adidas.

This is internal project, we can't share the link.

TechStack - Node, React, AWS, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Microservices, Docker

Train Like Legends

3. Train Like Legends

Fitness application for connecting professional trainers with athletes. Trainers can build workouts: videos and audios and share them with their athletes. It has also a chatting functionality, admin interface, and is web and mobile(IOS and Android) .


TechStack - Node, Angular, React-Native PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, Twilio.

4. Route Optimisation

Managing huge excel with lots of sheets is difficult. Route optimisation product is developed in order to help transporters to manage their orders and based on a complex algorithm the optim route is generated for them.

TechStack - Node, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, Complex Data,AI, RPA


5. XTrainer

xTrainer is the first-world multi-sport tool designed for professionals and sports lovers. Here you can find all kinds of activities, based on your location, and interact with them, using only one account. 


TechStack - Node, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS

XTrainer-product that we work on as software development agency

6. Car Fleet Management

Intern Complex web solution for managing car fleet build for a dealer. The application has the following main features: role based authentication, sending and generating offers directly from the application to the clients, keeping track of the history of a car, all the costs and generating profit overview for each car.

This is internal project, we can't share the link.

TechStack - Node, React, PostgreSQL, Docker.

7. And More

We can go further here with the list but this page should look clean, right? Our portofolio is bigger and if you want to get more informations, contact us.

You are wondering about technologies?

Frontend Web
React / Angular / NextJS 100%
React-Native 100%
NodeJS / NestJS / Python / Kotlin/ Java 100%
AWS / Docker/Heroku/Azure 100%
Software RPA/AI CRM ERP 100%
SQL / NON-SQL / ElasticSearch / Redis 100%